Una Foto Polaroid: Le Scarpe d’Oro

gold shoes polaroid

Ho trovato queste scarpe in un negozio di abiti usati solo per cinque dollar.  Quando le ho viste, ho capito che le dovevo avere.  Scarpe dorate, coi paillettes?  Che fantastiche!  Ho fatto questa foto il giorno stesso, usando la mia Polariod SX-70 macchina fotografica e un rullino di Impossible Project.  Guardarla mi rende molto felice, quasi  felice come portarle (nonostante siano un po piccole)!  Piedi brillanti – perfetti per ballare.

When I spotted these amazing sequined gold shoes at the thrift store for $5, I knew I had to have them.  They are a tiny bit too small, but squished toes are a small price to pay for perfectly sparkly feet.  I took this photo the same day using my Polaroid SX-70 and film from The Impossible Project.    

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2 thoughts on “Una Foto Polaroid: Le Scarpe d’Oro

  1. sandra lund says:

    beautiful shoes! i look forward to all your pretty photos

    • Thanks, Sandra! I was so excited to find them. They were in perfect shape and looked completely unworn. I’ve worn them out a few times and no one can believe that I found them in a thrift shop!

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